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What Is Corruption Watch

The Campaign?

The goal of Corruption Watch is to reduce public corruption through transparency and persistency in the fight against corrupt officials from exposure to closure. Our mission is to promote integrity in public life by demanding and activating the responsiveness and accountability of all actors in the anti-corruption space. We work to ensure corruption cases are investigated, suspects prosecuted and proceeds recovered. We seek to make corruption risky and unattractive, and close opportunities which breed corruption.

Educating the public

We provide public education because we believe when citizens are well informed about the cost of corruption and its ill effects on society, they will become more concerned, resist and mobilise to fight corrupt practices.

The Corruption Watch Radio Program

The intervention is built on the premise that 'radio is able to get good results with the right approach.' Thus, the Corruption Watch Radio Program is a partnership with Joy FM's Super Morning Show (SMS).

It is aired live on Joy FM (99.7mhz) on Wednesday's from 8:30AM to 9:30AM.

Each week's show tackles allegations of corruption, exposure of corruption from investigative journalists, revelations of corruption from whistle-blowers etc. The platform also reports and interrogates officials about actions taken against the culprits of corruption, and whether funds have been retrieved. The Corruption Watch Radio Program is hosted by Kojo Yankson, an avid anti corruption crusader.


Our fight against public corruption is based on the strategic implementation of what we refer to as the ‘5Ps.’


Lack of sustained interest in exposed incidents of corruption causes a huge loss to the public purse due to failure to investigate and sanction corrupt officials. We therefore publicise corruption cases and follow up on them to their logical conclusion.


We advocate for stiffer punishment for officials who engage in public corruption to serve as deterrent to others and make public corruption a highly unattractive pursuit.


We ensure corrupt individuals who steal from the people are made to pay back every cedi with interest. This is because financial loss to the state resulting from corrupt practices negatively impact society, especially the poor and vulnerable.


We make sure corrupt opportunities which were created or taken advantage of by corrupt individuals are closed. We do this through persistent advocacy for the tightening of loose anti-corruption rules and strengthening of weak ones.


We seek to change public officer and citizen attitude towards corruption and promote positive behaviour towards integrity in public life.