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Diversion of Diabetes Supplies for Children

Author: Joyfm (Kwetey Nartey)
Date of Exposure / Publication :16 October 2017

Case Summary

The President of the National Diabetes Association of Ghana, Elizabeth Denyoh is alleged to have undersupplied free insulin meant for children with diabetes. As part of an intervention called the "Life-For-A-Child programme", the Association was to distribute free insulin donated by the International Diabetes Federation to selected hospitals for diabetic children. The practice came to light in an investigative report by Joy News reporter, Kwetey Nartey. It was also discovered that some officials at the receiving hospitals sold the insulin supplies to unsuspecting patients.

Status of Case

The President of the National Diabetes Association, Madam Denyoh insists she did no wrong. She said figures to the donor organization were deliberately inflated to cater for likely increases in number of diabetic patients. She also maintained there was an "unofficial" agreement to give some of the supplies meant for children to adults.

Unclear whether the case has been picked up by any of the official security agencies for further investigation and prosecution.

Estimated Loss to the State

Not applicable

Opportunity Cost of Corruption

Difficult to ascertain