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Ghana Standards Authority $1.2m Corruption Scandal

Author: Joyfm (Kwetey Nartey)
Date of Exposure / Publication :22 May 2017

Case Summary

A former Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Dr. George Crentsil is alleged to have received a bribe of $1.2 million as well as personnel and materials to complete a three-bedroom building from a GSA contractor, Lemet Construction. Though the exact reason for the alleged bribery act is unclear, Lemet Construction had won a GSA building contract worth GHS 15.2 million, a project the company ultimately failed to deliver on time due to lack of funds.

The scandal broke as media intercepted the report of an investigative committee set up by the former Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Gabrah to investigate several allegations levelled against Dr. Crentsil. In the report, Dr. Crentsil is alleged to have admitted receiving the money but not the personnel and material to complete his building.

Status of Case

Resulted in investigations into the matter by the Parliamentary Committee of Trade, Industry and Tourism and the Security Agencies. The current state of the investigation and the specific security agency handling the investigations into the matter are unclear.

Anti-Corruption Civil Society groups continue to cite this scandal in calls to address corruption menace in the country.

Estimated Loss to the State

On the basis of both the bribery amount ($1.2 million) the total loss is estimated at GHS 5,244,000. Meanwhile, the GHS 15.2 million building project awarded was reported to have stalled.

Opportunity Cost of Corruption

  • 10 6-unit classroom blocks;
  • 3 CHPS compounds; and
  • 20 boreholes.

Still left with change of GHS 312.50